Who We Are
Hello there and welcome!
If jewelry and a bit of daily sparkle in your life is a must, then you’ve come to the right place.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide an online boutique that focuses on gorgeous jewelry and accessories which inspires the modern-day woman. We strive to provide an online source where fashion lovers can purchase high quality, affordable, on-trend pieces at affordable prices. We understand that life is busy for the modern-day woman, so we provide the hottest trends in fashion jewelry at your fingertips.

Our Philosophy
Jewelry is our passion. We love the way that adding a little sparkle to an outfit can elevate your mood, or the way jewelry can change the entire look of an outfit. With jewelry being our passion, we have set out to create an online boutique that satisfies the needs of the everyday woman.
We provide our glamorous and chic customers with an unparalleled online experience which focuses on curating trendy, high quality pieces. We believe that sparkly pieces bring joy to people’s lives and everyone should experience that feeling on the DAILY - and we price our pieces with that in mind!
All merchandise is carefully selected and checked for quality before leaving our boutique, ensuring every piece meets the high standards of the Zinnia West brand.

With guilt-free prices, excellent quality, and phenomenal customer service, we hope you continue to be inspired by our collections and feel beautiful with every piece you wear. We are constantly on the hunt for gorgeous pieces so check our new arrivals frequently as new pieces are constantly popping up in the shop!